Dating Co-Workers Not Recommended But Still PopularMarketWatch reports the results of a new survey show there's a LOT more going on at work... than work!
Most Detrimental App For Young People? InstagramA new report called #StatusOfMind has examined the negative – and positive – effects of social media on the health of our youth. YouTube is the best platform; Instagram is the worst.
Study Shows Men Can Decrease Heart Problems With Consistent Chocolate ConsumptionAccording to research from Harvard University, two to six days a week of chocolate can do a heart good. If you’re a man.
Facebook As Addictive as Cigarettes and Chocolate, New Study SaysDid you find this story via Facebook? That’s not surprising.
New Study Shows Tequila Is Good For The BonesHere’s a potential reason to have a margarita. Not that you need one.
Study Shows Correlation Between Expensive Engagement Rings, Higher Divorce RatesResearchers at Emory University analyzed data from 3,000 couples and arrived at thought-provoking findings.
Scientists Determine Just How Much Pee Is In The Swimming PoolThe team studied two public pools of different sizes, one containing 110,000 gallons of water, with the other holding 220,000 gallons.
Study Shows Flag Football As Dangerous As Tackle FootballAccording to surprising new data, the answer to concussions is not to eliminate the tackles.
Study Shows First Born Kids Develop Better Thinking SkillsAs a last-born, I vehemently disagree with these alternative facts. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh and University of Sydney found that first-born kids are the brightest of the bunch.
Study Shows Religion Triggers Same Parts of Brain as Music, Drugs, Sex & LoveA new study from Utah finds that religious experiences activate the part of brain associated with other pleasurable experiences.
Study Shows Generation X Spends More Time on Social Media Than MillennialsMillennials get a bad rap for having their face in their phone, but now they can point fingers at their elders.
Study Suggests Facebook Actually Narrows Our World View Rather And Broadening ItThanks to social media, it has never been easier to meet new people and be exposed to new viewpoints. but is it actually doing that?

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