Man's Water Slide Stunt Baffles the InternetSomeone explain the physics of this, please.
Stunt Goes Wrong on "Top Gear"
Tom Cruise Preforms Stunt in Zero Gravity in New Film
Skydiver Will Attempt Jump Without A Parachute Or Wingsuit On Live Television TonightTo call this insane is an understatement!
Star Wars Stuntwoman Having To Have Arm Amputated After Horrible Accident!
What We've Done For The First Time In Our Adult LifeTony got a flu shot, but that's nothing compared to the guy who rode his bike over the arches of the West 7th St Bridge in Fort Worth this weekend!
15 Year Old Occupy's Michael Buble's Stage. Publicity Stunt or Dream Come True?!
Wendy Williams Calls J-Lo Split Publicity Stunt

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