Study Shows Swearing Relieves Both Physical And Emotional PainLoud is good when it comes to therapeutic swearing. Researchers in New Zealand found that saying swear words help relieve pain – such as when you stub your toe.
Gordon Ramsay And Kevin Spacey Face Each Other In A "Swear Off" (Video)Kevin Spacey has won two Academy Awards. Gordon Ramsay's restaurants have been awarded a total of 16 Michelin Stars.
People Who Swear More Often Are More HonestInteresting study from psychologists at the University of Cambridge: people who swear more often are more honest than those who don't.
Stephen Colbert Helps Donald Trump With His 'Swearing' Problem (VIDEO)"I can think off the top of my head three things that you have said on air that -- and this is true -- CBS will not let me repeat," Haha! Stephen Colbert does a phone interview with Donald Trump and has suggestions for his recent swearing.
Does Cursing Increase Your Verbal Abilities?No effing way.
21 Amazing Gifts For Your Best Friend Who Loves To Cuss!
Julie's Jabber: Shielding My Kids from Vulgarity & Other Exercises in Futility My sister came to visit this weekend and inadvertently taught my kids some new swear words (sorry Big Sis but YES, you’re getting busted via blog).
Secrets We Keep From Our KidsWhat do you do that your kids don't know about?
Massachusetts Town Starts Handing Out Tickets For Swearing

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