The Internet Is Freaking out Over a Photo of Snakes That Look Like DoughnutsA photo that's more deceptive than delicious.
Chocolate Covered Pickles Prove We Can Never Take Food Too FarWe would have never pegged pickles as the universal test food for crazy taste experiments.
The Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burrito Proves That Dreams Do Come TrueOnly a place called "Sugar Sugar" can come up with a treat like this.
The Weirdest Food Combination Of The Day Belongs To Lobster Ice CreamLobster is great.  Ice Cream is amazing.  With both, you're setting yourself for a pretty amazing meal.  That is of course, you decided to combine the two into one dish.  Doesn't sound so amazing, now.
Oreo Unveils New Flavor Just in Time for Fourth of JulyIt's a match made in heaven!
Need Some Sweets And Treats For Valentine's Day? Look No Further Than DFW's Farmer's Markets!You have some time right now, but don't wait too long or you'll be rushing to put together the perfect Valentine's Day for your sweetheart.
Carlo's Bakery's Frisco Location Set To Open February 4thLast March, 7,000 people lined up around the block for the opening for the brand new Carlo's Bakery in Dallas.
Your Favorite Comfort Food Is Making You DepressedEveryone has their staple "go-to" food. It's your food of choice when you've had a bad day. More than likely it's something sweet or bread. Television and movies always seem to show a woman scorned face down in ice cream. After an evening with a sweet treat, the idea is that we feel better.
Get Your Cupcake Fix Any Time At A Cupcake ATM
Valentines Day Wasn't Just Made For Chocolate

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