Cash Her With A Recording Contract! Danielle Bregoli Meets With Beyoncé And Kanye ProducersDanielle Bregoli, who just turned 14 by the way, has been taking meets with producers who have worked with Beyoncé and Kanye West in order to further establish and add credence to her entertainment career.
Florida Teen Gets Ryan Reynolds' Name Tattooed On His Butt
Karate Teen Sets World Record Breaking 111 Concrete Slabs With Head In 35 SecondsKerim Ahmetspahic is a taekwondo black belt from Bosnia, and he doesn't even need to use his hands and feet to beat you up.
Cash Her On Television, Danielle Bregoli Signs Reality TV Show DealCash her outside, inside, and now on your television! The country's most notorious 14-year-old has her own reality television show.
Teenager Jumps Into River To Impress A Girl, Proceeds To Get Mauled By A CrocodileSomehow Lee De Paauw escaped this idiotic ordeal with his life.
Cash Her Ousside With A MakeoverWhile she's not out wooing producers for a new reality show, or punching people on airplanes, "Cash me ousside" Danielle Bregoli has decided to try and revamp her image.
16-Year-Old Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Fluent SpanishA teenager in Georgia suffered a third concussion after being kicked in the head during a soccer game. He spent three days in a coma after being airlifted to Atlanta Medical. When he woke, Reuben Nsemoh's parents were taken aback, because their 16-year-old was speaking only Spanish, a language he'd never spoken fluently before. After a few days, the Spanish faded, and he began speaking in English again.
"Damn Daniel" Makes An Ordinary Teen Into A Huge MemeThe internet is a weird but awesome place to be
Dillard's Saleswoman Body Shames A Teenage GirlIt's NEVER ok to shame someone over their body. I don't care if they are too skinny, too fat, have acne, bad hair, etc. Keep your opinions to yourself.
OITNB Star Arrested For Punching Teenage GirlThis is like an actual prison scene!
This Teenager Provided Back Up For Texas Deputy Pumping Gas
This Website Allows You To Fake A Pregnancy...but why would anyone do this?

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