Colgate Toothpaste Could Be Messing With Your Metabolism!Do you use Colgate whitening toothpaste?
Flossing Is A Lie! It Does NOT Prevent Cavities!When you go to the dentist, what's the first question they ask you? Do you floss? If you're honest, the dentist will make you feel guilty about not doing it. So, most of us just lie.
Florida Man Shares Video Of Brushing His Alligator's Teeth (Video)The self-proclaimed "Gator Crusader" known only as Michael shared a video on YouTube of him brushing his pet alligator, Chomper's, teeth.
Man Goes To Dentist With Nearly 20 Extra Teeth (Photo)A 28-year-old man went to the dentist after the pain from his extra teeth was just too much to handle.
So Kylie Jenner Got A Grill. A Mouth Grill. (Photos)Kylie Jenner is starting off the summer with some brand new bling.
Can You Guess These Celebrities By Their Bad Teeth?Do you know who's teeth these are?
Would You Be Brave Enough To Tell Oprah She Had Food In Her Teeth? This Dude WasIt happens to all of us, food gets lodged in our teeth and during a meal or snack and then someone well eventually tell you and you will remove it. The whole thing and be a bit awkward and even a little embarrassing. But how would you handle it if the person with food caught in there teeth was someone rich and famous. Someone like Oprah.
Did You Know Nick Jonas Has Three Front Teeth? No Seriously He Does! Check It Out!
Hilarious Moment 102 Year Old Grandma Spits Out Her Teeth Blowing Out Her Birthday Candles
Celebrities With Fake TeethIf you thought that was good check out these picture of celebs before they had their teeth done. Believe it or not most famous people have fake teeth.
The Latest Trend: Tattoos For Your Teeth
Steve Kemble Gets Roped Into Truth Or Dare 4 CherSteve Kemble got included on a wild stunt this morning for Truth Or Dare 4 Cher!

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