'Extortionist' May Take The Lie Detector Test, Only If Kevin Hart Pays For It
Hopeful Texas Drivers Will Now Have To Pass A Distracted Driver Course To Get Their LicenseBeginning the 1st of September, anyone applying for a license in the state of Texas will be required to take a test examining the dangers of distracted driving, aka, using your darn phone while driving!
Women Can Now Conduct A Pregnancy Test...Using ToothpasteA new viral trend claims women can find out if they're pregnant or not though a combination of their urine, and somehow...toothpaste.
The Army Is Attaching Lasers To Apache Attack HelicoptersThe first test of this new laser gun technology was a success.
10 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The TestThe Crazy Russian Hacker is back with more handy household tips. This time, he’s testing 10 different simple household gadgets that you might have seen on TV. He tries them so you don’t have to.
Think You're Feeling Smart Today? Take This Third Grade Grammar Test And Think Again!Did they have "helping verbs" back in our day, or are they just trying to mess with us?
Teacher Hilariously Pranks His Student With A Spelling Quiz With Fake WordsOur favorite word is "speekuzslmn." The letters are silent at the end.
Homemade Guillotine Test Ends Poorly For Texas Man (Video) It's actually pretty hilarious, and the only thing the man damaged was probably his ego.
New Study Says People Who Watch 'Friends' Are Smarter Than People Who Watch 'Game Of Thrones'!This is good news because we love 'Friends'
Everyone Got A 100 On A Quiz From This Guys Insane Paper Ball Shot!This is insane! No way anyone thought he would make it.
Fort Worth Attorney "Texas Law Hawk" Goes Viral Again With New Commercial
Ouch!!! Watch A Sumo Wrestler Test Out Human Fly Paper!!!Have you ever used fly paper? It may be an old school method, but it does work. It's a sticky sided piece of paper that you hang around the house in order to catch flies and any other unwanted bugs or vermin.

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