Powerball Lottery Reaches Third Highest Amount In HistoryThere were no winners in the latest Powerball drawing, which means the winnings grew higher, and we're actually witnessing a bit of history with the current jackpot at $535 million.  
The Ten Texas Counties That Hand Out The Most Speeding TicketsThere is definitely a trend when it comes to the amount of tickets handed out to speeding motorists and the part of the state they happen to be driving in
Man Defeats School Zone Speeding Ticket After Arguing Sign Was "Too Wordy"Jason Canfield was not about to pay $234 for a speeding ticket he received in May 2016 while driving through a school zone.  
Hurst Police Pull Over A Couple To Help Make A Pregnancy AnnouncementCongrats are in order for one local couple in Hurst! Nikk Rock enlisted the help of the Hurst PD to help announce her pregnancy to her husband!
Oregon Man Finds Almost-Expired Lottery Ticket; Wins $1MillionThere are pay-offs to decluttering.
Michigan Man Ticketed For Leaving His Vehicle Running In Girlfriend's DrivewayTwenty-four-year-old Nick Taylor of Roseville Michigan (near Detroit) isn't in a rosy mood!
Texas State Troopers Riding School Buses To Look For Drivers Illegally Passing School BusesTired of watching drivers pass stopped school buses picking up or dropping off children?
Mom Leaves The Hospital With Sick Baby, Finds Note On Her Car That Left Her Speechless
How Did A Man At DFW Airport Board A Plane Without A Ticket?How does this happen?
This Guy Lost His $1 Million Powerball Ticket!California officials posted surveillance video of the man whom they believed purchased the winning ticket.
Texas Cop Pulled Over His GirlFriend So He Could Propose To Her
Mom Pretends To Be Daughter To Get Out Of TicketThis 43 year old woman tried to pretend she was her 22 year old daughter to get out of a ticket.

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