Titanic Director James Cameron Sued by Florida Man Who Claims He Inspired the Love StoryThe movie came out in 1997. Did this man just see it on Netflix?
In One Of Bill Paxton's Final Interviews, He Discusses The Horrible Alternative Ending To TitanicRemember last week when we talked about the fact that some of the most famous moments in our favorite movies were completely ad-libbed? That reminded me of this.
Director James Cameron Hassled By Parking Enforcer At LAX (Video)James Cameron is one of the biggest film directors in the world, but that means nothing to parking enforcment officials at LAX.
James Cameron Settles Titanic Debate Once And For AllThe Mythbusters found that if the two had placed Rose's life jacket under the door, it would have spread their buoyancy around and potentially could have saved them both.
New Theory Claims The Sinking Of The Titanic Was Caused By A FireJust over one hundred years after the Titanic sank, we have a new theory as to why...a fire.
Actor Billy Zane Says He Wishes Rose Had Gotten Back Together With His Character in 'Titanic’What’s Billy Zane smoking?
Titanic 2 Is Happening! An Exact Replica Of The Titanic Is Coming SoonIt's really happening!
'Titanic' & 'Fear The Walking Dead' Now Have Something In CommonZombies...on a boat?
'Titanic' Composer James Horner Killed in Plane CrashHe was 61 years old.
Hoffman Could Be Digitized In Hunger Games Finale
Titanic Exhibit Sets Sail Saturday At Fort Worth Museum Of Science And HistoryCome peer into the depths to see real artifacts and replicas of the most famous shipwreck in the world. Titanic:The Artifact Exhibit opens this Saturday at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.
Celine Dion Agrees With Kate Winslet - 'Titanic' Theme Makes Her Sick Too

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