Chinese Company Using Facial Recognition In Public Restrooms To Save Toilet PaperOfficials in China are determined to save costs when it comes to toilet paper.  
We're Now Making Lipstick Out Of Toilet Paper, And It Doesn't Look That Bad!We know, we know, Another crazy beauty trend just like all the others.
Restaurant Advertising "Hottest Food In Town" Keeps Their Toilet Paper In The FreezerBack in 2008, there was a restaurant chain called La Hacienda. Not La Hacienda Ranch that we have right here in DFW, but a Mexican food restaurant that claimed it served up the "hottest food in town."
These Wedding Dresses Made Out Of Toilet Paper Are Better Than MostCan you believe this?
TCU Students Win Cry For Two-PlyTCU students win request for better toilet paper.
Fifty Shades Of Grey Toilet Paper Is Coming
Gene And Julie's Big Fat Liar Today Is...

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