96-Year-Old Runs World's Only Toilet Seat Museum Out Of Garage In San AntonioOver the years, Barney Smith has collected over 1,300 pieces of art.  Well, some see these pieces as art. Others, call them toilet seats.
Man Pulls 6-Foot Snake with Bare Hands from Neighbor's ToiletWould your neighbor do this for you?
Tinder Date Gets Stuck Between Walls Trying To Retrieve Toilet Paper She Threw Out The WindowStudent Liam Smyth went on, by all accounts, a wonderful date with an unidentified woman he met on Tinder.  They went out to eat, and returned to his home, where she asked if she could use the bathroom.
Mom Leaves Hilarious Instructions For Sons On How To PeeRaising boys is no easy feat.
Firefighters Work Six Hours To Free Woman Whose Leg Is Stuck In Toilet (Video)Firefighters in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, in China worked nearly six hours to rescue a woman who somehow got her leg stuck in her toilet.  
Big Brother Makes A Potty Training Trophy Out Of Legos For His Little BrotherPotty training has to be one of the most trying times for a parent. It takes time, it takes patience, and a whole lot of bribes!
Donald Trump's Walk Of Fame Star Defaced Again, This Time With A Toilet That Says "Take A Trump"Strike three against President Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star.
Man Honors Deceased Friend By Flushing Ashes Down Toilets In Ballparks Across AmericaRoy Riegel and Tom McDonald had been childhood friends ever since growing up in the same neighborhood in Queens.
Texas Woman Gets Hand Stuck in Toilet So Bad She Has to Call the PoliceWhat a "sticky" situation.
IKEA Recreates Game Of Thrones "Iron Throne" With A Toilet & Toilet BrushesIt's no secret, the toilet is the ultimate throne. So, why not celebrate that Game of Thrones style!
Oak Cliff Man Stabs Roommate Because He Didn't Flush The ToiletA certain amount of etiquette is to be expected when you enter a living arrangement with another person.
Texas Family Finds Rattlesnake in Toilent Then 23 More Around the House

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