7y/o Negotiates Tooth Price With Tooth FairyWe all know that the cost of the tooth has gone up. The Tooth Fairy (or Fairies depending on your beliefs of the Fairy world) has gone from leaving quarters to dollars to now sometimes tens of dollars for a single tooth. Sometimes the tooth can inflate the price a child gets. A molar is more expensive than a canine.
Tooth Fairy Payouts Averaging An All-Time HighThe Tooth Fairy was feeling pretty generous last year.
5-Year-Old Girl Pulls Her Tooth With A Bow & ArrowRemember the first tooth you ever lost? It probably dangled for days, but for whatever reason you just didn't want to yank it out. Perhaps it was the fear or pain or concern that another tooth might not replace your old one. Who knows!?!?
Julie's Jabbers: My Daughter The Freak Show I have a 6-year-old girl who is adorable but I currently can’t look her in the face. The problem is her upper-front-tooth, which is so loose that it’s hanging from her gums.
Tooth Fairy Pay Outs Could Be Sign Of Improving EconomyAre Tooth Fairy payouts an indicator of a recovering economy? The Original Tooth Fairy Poll
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