People Are Now Gluing Tiny Gems To Their TeethWhere can the fashion world possibly go next? Everybody is shaving their eyebrows which way to Sunday, but this is something completely different.
Friends Use Pliers, A Bicycle, Even A Car To Try And Extract Their Buddy's Tooth (Video)Parents have been using unconventional methods for years to try and extract their children's teeth. Why shouldn't a group of grown men do the same for their buddy?
Dakota Johnson Shows How Much She Can Fit Between Her Gap ToothDakota Johnson, star of the upcoming 'Fifty Shades Darker', just showed off her unique skill of fitting things between her teeth.
5-Year-Old Girl Pulls Her Tooth With A Bow & ArrowRemember the first tooth you ever lost? It probably dangled for days, but for whatever reason you just didn't want to yank it out. Perhaps it was the fear or pain or concern that another tooth might not replace your old one. Who knows!?!?
Dad Uses Squirrel To Pull His Daughters Tooth And It's Kind Of Awesome!We can't make this stuff up! This is awesome!
Father Uses Family Dog To Remove Tooth From Daughter's Mouth (Video)Carlos Vasquez out of California decided to use the family's German Shepherd to rid a tooth from his daughter Sidney's mouth.
VIDEO: Little Girl Pulls Her Own Tooth With A Sling Bow
Live On TV! Sharon Osbourne's Tooth Falls Out!
Dentist Goes On Tooth Pulling SpreeA man gets more than he bargained for in the dentist's chair, and he ends up with no teeth!
What's The Weirdest Thing In Your Purse?
Steven Tyler's Fall In Paraguay Pictures
The Soda Tooth Truth

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