VIDEO: Rhino Decides To Take A Casual Stroll Down The HighwayKind of cute... as far as 2 ton killing machines go.
Tired Of Traffic, Man Now Swims 2km Everyday To WorkBenjamin David has an interesting commute to work.  
Arlington Police Set To Implement Road Rage HotlineThe Arlington Police department is ready to introduce a new method in order to comabt the disturbing, growing trend of road rage incidents.
Porn Traffic Drops During Game of Thrones PremiereWhat does this say about Game of Thrones fans?
Man Defeats School Zone Speeding Ticket After Arguing Sign Was "Too Wordy"Jason Canfield was not about to pay $234 for a speeding ticket he received in May 2016 while driving through a school zone.  
Man Causes Traffic Jam In Order To Take Selfie With The RockIt's not uncommon for fans to go out of their way to meet one of their favorite celebrities and heroes.
Flying Cars Are Here, And You Can Own One For Just $1.6 MillionTwo types of flying cars made their debut at the Top Marques Show in Monaco, one from Slovak company Aeromobil, the other from the Dutch company, Pal-V Liberty.
Man Plays Polka Music While Stuck in Traffic on I-35
The Heat, Traffic, And Houston? 11 Things Dallas Residents LOVE To Hate!Take a minute and think about what you hate the most being a Dallasite.
Red Light Cameras Could Be Banned Soon All Across TexasThe Texas Senate Transportation Committee will be meeting soon to discuss a couple of measure that could potentially ban the use of red light cameras across the state.
Dallas Ranks #14 for Most Congested Traffic in the World
Chrissy Teigen Involved In Hit And Run Car AccidentTeigen was quick to tweet about her accident, and like always, she was absolutely hilarious.

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