Turkish Folk Singer Claims To Be The True Father Of AdeleAsar, 52, lives in the Aegean resort town of Bodrum, and claims that he met Adele's mother, Penny Adkins, while she was vacationing there in July, 1987.
Men More Likely Than Women To Tell the TruthUh oh, girls. Seems we’re the gender more likely to fudge the truth. Especially when it comes to fudge.
Here Is A Video Of Kathy Griffin Doing What She Said She Left "Fashion Police" Over Fat Shaming
Funniest Lies Parents Told Their Kids
GOSSIP: Kevin Jonas Reveals Why "The Jonas Brothers" Broke Up!Since the break up the boys have been pretty tight lipped. Finally, that silence has ended.
#SATWordOfTheWeek: Ed Sheeran Elucidates Homeless Rumors
If Women Were Honest On Dates Is Hilarious!
Truth Or Dare For CherWe let our listeners give us orders to win Cher tickets! What did we have to do for Truth Or Dare For Cher!
Fans Upset Over Faked Megalodon "Documentary"Shark fans are in a frenzy after learning Discovery Channel's Shark Week kickoff "Megalodon: The Monster That Lives" was not based on fact at all.
Backstreet Boy Has $120K In Jewelry Stolen
What's Up With All The Leap Day Babies?
Is Snooki Pregnant or Not?

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