Marijuana Shop Is Giving Free Weed To People Who Help Clean Up Their TownA pot shop in Maine is exchanging small bags of weed for community service.
Over $1 Million In Marijuana Found In Brand New Ford FusionsSeveral Ford Fusions manufactured at a Ford plant in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico were discovered to contain upwards of $1 million worth of marijuana.
Danielle 'Cash Me Ousside' Bregoli Busted For MarijuanaShe claims she did not indulge.
Woody Harrelson Has Waved Goodbye To Weed!After "30 solid years" of smoking marijuana, Woody Harrelson has put pot... down.
Cooler Donated To Goodwill Has $24K Worth Of Marijuana Inside
Mariah Carey Buys Her Weed While Wearing A Ball GownWell, it looks like we've all finally moved on from Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve disaster. Our attention has shifted to the outfit she wore while buying pot.
60 Minutes' First Report On WeedBesides electing the next president, five states will also use next Tuesday to decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana.
Cannabis Beer Is Coming To Texas!Are you going to try cannabis beer?
Angelina Filed For Divorce After Private Eye Uncovered Affair With Marion Cotillard According To ReportAccording to Page Six Angelina filed for divorce from Brad Pitt after a private eye she hired uncovered he cheated with Marion Cotillard and Russian prostitutes.
Josh Duhamel "Accidentally" Smokes Weed On Movie SetOn the first day of production of the upcoming movie Spaceman, Josh Duhamel's character was scripted to roll a joint and smoke it. Duhamel did just that, except the weed he used was actually real.
Snoop Was Asked A Question About Weed, And He Failed Miserably (Video)On Sunday, Snoop Dogg appeared on an episode of Family Feud, and he was going toe to toe with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard when host Steve Harvey asked,"Name something grandma would do if she caught grandpa smoking weed."
Pot Convention This Weekend in Ft. Worth. Yes, Really!

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