Student Wearing Darth Vader Costume Leads To Evacuation Of Wisconsin High SchoolHe was just trying to celebrate Star Wars Day!
You Might Want To Check That Cheese In Your FridgeWe'll tell you what to look for.
Dustin "Screech" Diamond Is Now In Jail Beginning His 4-Month SentenceWhat would Zack, Slater, Lisa, Kelly and Jessie think?
Karma: Hunter Attacked By Wounded DeerEven injured, she still had the energy to attack the hunter with a brutal head butt! You go girl!
Woman Finds Missing Husband 9 Years After Disappearing - Married To A Different WomanKaren Marx was surprised as anyone to find out that her missing husband was married to another woman.
US State Making 7-Day Work Week A PossibilityWhat would you do if your employer mandated a 7-Day work week?
Woman In A Hurry Gets 4 Speeding Tickets In 3 HoursSpeedy Gonzalez has nothing on this grandmother speeding through 3 states to make it to a family event.
Parents Punish Teenage Daughter With Embarrassing Photos On FacebookWith the ever growing importance in social media amongst teens and tweens a couple in Wisconsin decided to punish their daughter with social media embarrassment.
News Anchor's Emotional Respones To A Viewer Calling Her Obese
Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop Arrested
What Kind Of Package Is He Delivering?

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